The linen Room

Is under construction

In the 17th century the houses had large attics.
Many of these attics were used as" the laundry" attic.

 In the top of the roof there hung a large drying rack
and there was a huge table where the clean laundry on was ironed
Many baskets had different purposes.

I have placed wooden panels on the walls. 
I have chosen to give the walls an old Dutch colour grey.
I painted the walls with lime paint or chalk paint as they used to do in washrooms, old attics and barns, but also inside of old Dutch ( wooden) farmhouses.

I'm very inspired by a visit to "The Netherlands Open Air Museum"
Where you are confronted with everyday life through out the ages in the Netherlands.

I've been thinking about the light in the room.

I have eventually chosen for spotlights.

The Linen room is characterized by a high roof.
The light can be eliminated in the roof.
The only thing you see are the light beams.
Not the spotlights itself.
With this way of light I can pull out a miniature in the room and there will be enough light for the whole room at the same time.

I have chosen to show a number of styles in the linen room.
Parts of a 17th century linen room but also I think it would be nice to have a variation of Dutch furniture and objects which have been used throughout the centuries. 

The linenroom is almost  ready.
The wooden floor has yet to be painted and the drying rack should still be hanged to the ceiling.