My Inspiration

I am born Zeeuw.
I live not in Zeeland, but the golden age (VOC) was in my youth always present in my life.
I've always had a great interest for this period in the history of the Netherlands
I actually could not escape.
I was born in Flushing, the city where Admiral (Michiel) de Ruyter was born.
As a child I grew up in Middlesbrough.

Middelburg was thil the end of the 16th century, the largest business city of the Northern Netherlands and in the third quarter of the 17th century.
This is reflected in the architecture of all the beautiful old buildings and streets that Middlesbrough has.

After Amsterdam, Middelburg, was until the last quarter of the 17th century, the largest port of the Republic.
In the Admiralty of Zeeland Middelburg was established.
As a VOC city had Middelburg (Zeeland Chamber) half as much power as Amsterdam, Middelburg was as important as the other four VOC cities: Delft, Enkhuizen, Hoorn and Rotterdam together.
From childhood, the interest in the history of Walcheren, especially Vlissingen, Middelburg and Veere aroused.
You can not avoid it, if you as a child growing up in this beautiful area, where over the centuries much has been preserved.

This interest in the town of Middelburg, was fed, when I encountered a hull of a stepped gable house .
The house does not quite fit to my ideas and it will therefore have to be adjusted.
The windows are going to be changed, as shown on the sketch I made of the future house.
At the house under the window, is an entrance with doors giving access to the cellar / storage under the house.
The facade will be adjusted with a simple frame to the front door, where the name or occupation with graceful old Dutch letters will be written.
But when you look outside through the Windows, you'll see contemporary cars and cyclists.
As in modern life in Middlesbrough now.

The Dutch history contained in a miniature House
I want to show objects in a nutshell  that the Dutch in the past used in the everyday life indoors.
Not pure style rooms.
It begins in the 17th century untill now, the present.
My Miniature House gives of course not a real picture of the past.
It is and remains a romantic impression.