The Vestibule

The Netherlands were very familiar with building with sandstone in the golden age.
The "Dutch classicism" was from the 1620s until the end of the seventeenth century the main construction style where sandstone was used.

The use of sandstone was pretty general and sandstone was used for the construction of churches, palaces, castles, houses, artistic reconstructions and large tiles of 60 to 80 cm
I have created from whole stones, half stones, by breaking them.
Now the floor is not static and I am satisfied with the results.
The mirror and all cut profile slats are not fixed yet.
On both sides of the mirror there will come candle lights.

I have created a design for the panneling.
Because the hallway is a bit narrow, I would like to make not too many depths in the paneling.

I have the walls papered with linen, and have made a wall,with a mirror on it.
When the time comes, there will be in front of the mirror a console with a 17th century bouquet on it.

On the picture you can see that I have supported the wall.
I did not seal the wall, so I can take it out because of the lighting.
I am very glad that the lighting works.
(the picture is taken from a oblique angle,it looks like the lights are hanging over)
I'm also busy with the bouquet.
In the bouquet there is a mixture of English Roses, Grapes, Chrysanthemums and Parrot- Tulips.
The bouquet is unfinished.
There will be more flowers and fruits in the bouquet.

The paneling is realized.

I will move on to the ceiling with beams.

The Entrance is under construction